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Next Shipment to Rarotonga

Estimated Arrival Date to RAROTONGA 14th May 2024

About Us

Kia Orana,


Next Shipment originated from a Cook Islands consultancy company called Futureproof Enterprises Limited. When doing consulting work, Covid 19 hit. Owner at the time Jason Pierre knew he needed to change tactics. He decided to launch an online retail business and traded as Next Shipment. There were very few online stores at the time in the Cook Islands. He looked at the retail environment a little differently and came up with a new concept for the country. The goal was to build an Online Mega Mall and to offer the range that was not currently on offer and more importantly bring the lowest prices to the Cook Islands.

High overheads for stock and the massive capital outlay required to start a business that offers just about everything was to be avoided. So the model developed into one where purchases are made by the customer on the website or in the showroom and the purchases are put onto the next ship from NZ to Rarotonga. The price customers pay on the website includes everything. VAT,  shipping as well as customs duties and charges. Once its at the store, customers are notified its ready to be picked up. This takes a while to arrive but...good things come to those who wait. 

In 2021, The Cook Islands Government (through the Smart Economy initiative) has backed the next phase of the business. It has granted Futureproof Enterprises Limited trading as Next Shipment to expand their operations to Tonga, Fiji and Samoa. Helping bring the same options to these Pacific Islands is an exciting next step before further expansion to other Pacific Islands.   

Having low margins, a great service and bringing the lowest possible prices is at the heart of what we do. There are more exciting initiatives are planned so look out.

Jim, Roni, Kathryn, Jase and the Next Shipment team